Supporting our Community

Positively Impacting Society

Technology for Good

Our ethos of not just getting it right, but also doing the right thing, means that as a team we not only strive to be successful for our stakeholders, namely our clients, shareholders and staff but also to use our technology for good and to give back to our community wherever we can.

Technology Philanthropy

Like most firms, we provide financial support to charities that rely on donations for their funding. However, in addition to our financial support, we believe that we can do more to help these organisations in their day to day operations through the use of technology as a multiplier that can boost their efforts. This is why, when partnering up with a charity, our first step is to identify areas where we can leverage technology solutions to benefit their organisation and work with them to design, deploy and maintain those systems. 

Supporting our community is important to us. We believe that success is not only measured by profits, services and products, but also by the positive influence that we have on the people around us, and the legacy that we leave behind for future generations. This is why we are committed to the practice of ‘service by example’ and using our resources to have a positive impact not only on our local community but also on society.

Our Partner Charity

Twining Enterprise is a charitable organisation whose mission is to combat mental health stigma and to assist people who are struggling with mental health issues around work; a mission whose work is especially crucial, as highlighted during this pandemic. More specifically, Twinning Enterprise’s goal is to ensure that everyone with a mental health issue can find employment and cope with the challenges of working life, to support employers and raise awareness around mental health in general, and to reduce stigma and discrimination. 

We urge you to join us by signing on to support Twining in their mission and staying informed of their latest news and activities. You can also support them financially by donating here.

Find out more about Twining’s mission and the impact of their work here.